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January 22, 2013
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DRARRY SLASH No like, no read!

Harry sat in one of Dumbledore's chairs munching on a biscuit, waiting for Hermione to finish explaining the functions of Fred and George's mints. In typical Hermione fashion, she hadn't simply told Dumbledore her conclusion, she first had to take him through every single step of how her suspicions had been raised, theories tested and conclusions reached based on her previous week's worth of experiments. She had charts.

Harry sat back and let her lecture roll over him, occasionally eating a biscuit or lemon drop. Dumbledore was also sitting back and waiting for her to finish with the slight difference being that he was actually listening.

"Excellent, Miss Granger. How extraordinary. I must speak with the Weasley twins immediately, as well as the rest of the Order. I'll be certain that you, Harry and Ron attend in order to give everyone a thorough briefing of the effects."

Harry bit back a groan. As much as he wanted to be included in Order meetings, he really didn't want to have to sit through the lecture a third time. At least Ron would be there, misery shared is misery halved or whatever.

He tuned out whatever it was that they were discussing and tried to think up a plan that he titled in his head "What to Do about Malfoy." He had a problem, and that was that Malfoy was trying to seduce him, and he was supposed to try and seduce Malfoy back. Unfortunately, it looked as if Malfoy was winning.

When he thought about it, it rather did seem that Slytherins would be better at seduction in general, especially when going up against wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve Gryffindors. He'd like to pretend that he was attracted to Malfoy so that he could win him over to the light side, but the whole point of pretending was that he was pretending. That didn't appear to be the case, in this instance.

So he had to pretend to be something else, because it looked as if he was attracted to Malfoy for real.

Well, the one thing he was sure of was that Gryffindors were excellent at foolishly running straight into head-over-heels love. The only ones that did that more often were Hufflepuffs. So the solution was obviously that he had to pretend to fall in love with Malfoy.

He nodded to himself in satisfaction. Malfoy would never see it coming.

Right then. So what did Gryffindors do when they were in love? He considered this at length and decided to ask Ginny. Girls knew more about romance than him, and there was no way he was asking Hermione. First off, Hermione knew about Malfoy's plan to seduce him. Second, last time that someone had pointed out that she was a girl, she'd refused to speak to him for weeks. Ginny it was.

"Coming, Harry?" Hermione asked, and Harry followed her out, well pleased with his newest plan.

"Why such a good mood, Harry?" Hermione said, arching a brow. Harry realized that he was grinning like he'd just won the Quidditch Cup and tried to tone it down a bit.

"Oh, nothing," he denied with a smile.

Ginny was sitting with a group of her friends around the fire, in Harry's usual spot. Ron was nowhere to be seen, and Hermione made an excuse to go find him, leaving Harry to start on his plan.

"Hey, Gin," he said. "I need some help with something."

"Oh, if you two want privacy, we can leave," one of Ginny's friends offered, moving to stand.

"Actually, you all might come in handy. I need some advice, and you're just the people who might know what to do."

All of them perked up at this, leaning forward to listen.

"Right, so if I were to try to date someone, what would be considered a romantic gesture?" Harry asked, getting out a quill and a bit of parchment. "If someone were trying to get your attention, how would you want them to do it?"

At his words, all of them went gooey-eyed and blushy. It was even more startling than when Malfoy had come onto him, but he needed to know. He stood his ground, waiting.

"Well, I think flowers would be a good start," one said.

"Make sure it follows proper flower language etiquette if she's pureblood," another added.

"Oh, and write her poetry."

"Or compose a song!"

Harry tried to keep up with their suggestions, but they came so fast that eventually he just stopped and listened to them babble. He decided to leave when they started discussing the plot of a romance novel they'd all read and how they all wished they would meet someone as dashing as the main love interest.

"That was, er, very helpful," he assured them before escaping.

Once he was out of sight, he looked down at his list that started out with flowers, and devolved into a messy scribble at the bottom that he couldn't remember the meaning of.

Right. He could handle flowers. He was sure there was a book in the library that had something about flower language in it. He couldn't leave that out, seeing as Malfoy was pureblood. Apparently they all knew about it, so he couldn't mess it up.

He got several very odd looks from people, and realized it must be strange for him to be in the library without the presence of Hermione and Ron alongside him. Nervously, he slipped into the aisle, going to the very back where Madam Pince had suspiciously directed him.

The book on flowers was massive. When he took it out, it was covered in dust, and when he opened it, it was fully illustrated and had detailed instructions on where and how to grow said flower along with its meaning. Just in case he wanted to grow a bouquet for his so-called beloved.

He flipped through it, wondering what he should say. "Sorry for being a tosspot and I want to get into your pants" was probably out. As he went, he decided that what would be best were the ones along the lines of "reconciliation" and "remorse". Maybe "passion"?

He was so engrossed in study that he didn't notice the shadow hovering over him until he heard someone clear their throat. He looked up, and almost jumped straight off the bench when he realized that he was almost nose-to-nose with Malfoy.

Malfoy smiled sharply, "All alone again, Potter?" He leaned over to read the page he'd been on upside down, and when Harry went to close the book, one pale hand snapped out to stop him. "A book on flowers, Potter? Who's the lucky lady?" His eyes narrowed.

Harry looked down at the page and made a split second decision. He held out his wand and flicked it once, with the words of a low incantation. The parchment he'd been writing on coiled up and then blossomed into an ice plant. The meaning was "your looks freeze me". He had no idea what that meant,  except that when Malfoy looked at him, he couldn't move.

He handed Malfoy the paper flower with a bow and a flourish. "For you."

Malfoy's eyebrows shot up in confusion, and Harry had to press the flower into his unresponsive fingers before they curled around it. Harry smiled at him, gathered the book and all his parchment up and left, grinning in his victory. When he glanced back over his shoulder, Malfoy was looking after him, his cheekbones flushed bright pink. When he realized Harry was looking at him, he spun around and walked away quickly, hiding in the bookshelves at the back.

Had that actually worked? Harry couldn't stop smiling as he checked out the flower book and left the library. He was planning his attack already. He had an entire book full of soppy meanings to work with, and he would use them.

No doubt Malfoy was already thinking up a counterattack, but he was ready for them. Malfoy wasn't getting in one snog more, not until he agreed to a date with Harry.
Another one up, and Harry's got a plan. Anyone who knows anything about flower language have any thoughts on what type of flowers would suit Draco?

Here's my source:

Part 1:[link]
Part 4:[link]
Part 6: [link]
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He tries. Malfoy is still trying to figure out what the hell Harry is doing. His version of seduction didn't include romance, and it confuses him that Harry has decided to change the rules on him.
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Lol. They both fail XD I wonder who will win? Dumbledore should be helping harry. I can imagine him as the kind of person who is really into student relationships/etc while of duty. Really, I imagine all of the teachers like that.
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